Order Seagulls' debut LP "Great Pine," via Yellow K Records.
Listen to the entire album below, or on most digital / streaming services.

"It’ll get you right in the feels."
Miles Raymer, Entertainment Weekly

"Creating a new and different sound in the age of the internet can be a mammoth task, but Philadelphia rock (/surf/folk/experimental) group Seagulls gracefully do just that."
Sean O'Leary, inyourspeakers.com

"An almost gospel music-like heave rises out of their flannel-swaddled indie rock."
Eric Davidson, CMJ.com

"Give this album a listen, then another listen, then buy it, then give it another listen. Then, years later, when seeing a sold out Seagulls show, brag to friends about being one of the first to hear the next great American Indie band."
Jake Romm, mxdwn.com

"This is what great music is meant to do.  Seagulls have nailed it."
Rich Coleman, Performer Magazine

"With hazy harmonies and a soothing, hypnotic beat, it’s dreamy and folk-inspired, but with a clever bent."
Loren DiBlasi, Impose Magazine

"Debut albums are not supposed to be this richly textured, this absorbing or this indelible. As sublime and transcendent as a first kiss, Great Pine is an auspicious debut for a band that won’t be Eastern PA’s secret for long."
Gregory Robson, chorus.fm

"It's the type of album that you gradually absorb with its open-air vibe and delicate, lifting harmonies and instrumentation that remain vibrantly layered, somehow toeing the line between nostalgic and fresh with its 8-bit flourishes."
Michael Colavita, The Deli Magazine

"Imagine the days as a kid, playing Mario 3 on the NES in the middle of the woods."

"From start to finish "Old Habits" furthers Seagulls stylistic range showcasing a band that is sure to turn some heads come the release of their debut LP in a few weeks."

"Swimmin' is liquid gold with perfectly layered harmonies and reverberating guitars."
Eleanor Steier, culturecollide.com

"Filled with ear-pleasing vocals harmonies and lush string arrangements, the 10-track release is nothing short of fantastic."
Jeffrey Sisk, Pittsburgh in Tune

"Fresh talent use space, sound, light and atmosphere to produce a truly memorable and magical album cluttered with delicious surprises but never taking the piss enough to be pretentious indie something or others…simply stunning."
Ryan Walker, Kemptation.com

"Seagulls is as if Fleet Foxes and Monsters of Folk had a little folksy baby. The songs are rooted in a folk with rich harmonies and smooth conformity."
Samantha Cressman, XPN's The Key

"…something that’s naturally quite nostalgic yet modern — and perhaps more important, a sound that feels focused and yet absolutely unforced."

"The group is onto something special."