Parks and Recreation: The Fan-Made Game



FAQ Schwartz:

I know.  I know.

Who are you guys?
Scro (@Scro_Hutch) and Matt, who wrote the dialogue for the game, are fans of the show.  Matt also has a band called Seagulls.  Ethan (@emaxsaun) has never seen an episode of Parks and Recreation, but he programmed the game.  

What'd you use for the graphics?
An iPhone app called "Pixation" by developers The Lo-Fi Apocalypse.  I later edited the drawings and added text in MSPaint.

Where, in the course of Parks and Recreation, does the game take place?
We made the game in early 2013, so in the middle of Season 5.  

Why did it take so long to come out?  What happened?
Life happened, y'know?

Who the hell is that Phil character?  He's not on the show.  (Eyes welling up) Why'd you put a character in the game ... (starts crying) who's not on the show?
This is Phil.

Is this legal? 
We're p sure.  Fan Fiction and Fan Art are legal, for the most part, yet sometimes they exist in a bit of a grey area if you manage to anger the wrong people.  We're not profiting from the game, we're just fans trying to make a cool thing for other fans.  In fact, given the amount of hours put into creating it, we've undoubtably lost money in the process.

How'd you make the songs?

I really like the intro credits sequence, is there anywhere else I can see similar videos?
Check out our PXLTeeVee YouTube channel here.